We service, refresh the dielectric, rewind fast and quality and produce all kind of collectors for yours direct current engines. The connection between collector and winding is preformed on the automatic engine for TIG welding.

1. The rotor of the direct current motor Ansaldo 590kW, 800 V.

2. Welding of the collector of the direct current traction motor of electro locomotive SŽ 363. 

We rewind three-phase asynhronic and synchronic motors, low and high voltage and all kind of strength and constructions, in the dielectric rank F and H. In extraordinary cases, we perform the rewinding, maintenance and services at the customer’s seat.

3. The stator of the electro motor Dolmel 1250 kW, 6000 V.

4. The rotor of the electro motor Sever  2200 kW, 1448 V.

5. The stator of the hydro generator  Rade Končar 7500 kVA,  6300 V,  500 o/min.

We were nominated WEG Authorized
Repair Shop in 2018.


Cesta v Pregavor 3
6310 IZOLA, Slovenia EU

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Tel.: +386 5 640 19 50
Fax: +386 5 640 19 52

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